Wellbeing designer at your workplace?

More than 50 activities for your employees:

– Sports class
– Wellness class
– Dance class
– Teambuilding

But also company fitness management! 

Before proposing activities to your teams, it is advised to conduct an internal audit to determine:

  • The interest of your employees
  • What sport to set up
  • What day and time

Contact us to prepare this audit together.

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How to ensure the success of your project?

Expertise in the leisure market

  • Classes management
  • KPI’s
  • Internal audit
  • A partnership for your projects

Employees satisfaction

  • Dedicated webpage
  • Classes optimisation
  • On-site or/and videoconference classes
  • Private coaching

Survey and analysis

To guarantee your employees’ adherence, we will create a customized survey for your company.

survey demo analysis demo

Tailor-made cost management

We adapt our offer to your budget and values through tailor-made financing arrangements (from 0 to 100% paid by the company or hybrid solutions).

Communication and promotion

In order to promote the activities, we will offer you digital media for your internal communications (posters, newsletter, TV screen…).

KPI’s report

We will regularly present you a report on the activities set up, our actions carried out and on the evolution the program if necessary.

KPI's report demo

Coach backup = regularity

The regularity of activities is a key element of the membership and the lasting well-being of your employees. It is to guarantee this regularity that we ensure the complete management of instructors: punctual/final replacements or integration of your stakeholders in our teams.

From a single class to a fitness center

Whether you want to set up an hour of leisure activity per week or a company fitness center, open to leisure, wellness and personal development activities, Corporate Sports is THE right partner.

Dedicated webpage

We will create a platform dedicated to your company (display of the schedule, payment or course reservations, survey…).

page with booking page without booking

User experience

We optimize our services through satisfaction monitoring, requests for feedback and our accessibility via email or phone.

National and international impact

For home workers or your other branches in Switzerland or abroad, we set up onsite and/or videoconference classes.

Private coaching

Private coaching sessions can be organised within your company, thanks to our The Good Coach service.

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Events and workshops

In order to energize and vary the pleasures, we can organize special events or workshops according to requests (wellness week, dance workshops..)


of employees would like their company to propose sport classes

+ 6 to 9%

increase in productivity thanks to employees well-being and happiness at work


decrease in absenteeism for companies offering a corporate health program

Your satisfaction is our success

“We took salsa lessons with Antoine and Gaëlle.
They are both lovely people and wonderful instructors, who make leaning to dance easy and fun. And of course they are brilliant dancers”

” Great team – should it be the teachers or the managers – very professional, responsive and constantly adapting to the ever changing (and challenging situation”

” I personally really enjoyed Monica, her attitude, music mixes and steps. She is sweet, smiling, encouraging and committed. And her last bachata was a blast.”