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At the core of our approach is the quest for an ideal professional environment for your team, going beyond mere collective activities.

We aspire to build a space where every employee thrives fully, thereby fostering the overall growth of your company.


The Exceptional Experience of Your Employees: Our Primary Commitment

Your employees are privileged witnesses to our success. Their satisfaction remains at the center of our concerns.

With state-of-the-art tools and the unmatched expertise of our teams, we create a truly unique experience that consolidates their well-being within your company.


Customized Services to Meet Your Needs

We recognize the importance of customization to satisfy the specific needs of your employees.

Here’s how we make a difference:

A Dedicated Web Platform

We set up a web platform exclusively dedicated to your company. This tool displays the schedule of activities, facilitates payments if needed and course reservations, and also allows for surveys to gather feedback from your employees.

platform demo

Passionate and Competent Coaches

Our exceptional team of over 80 coaches is driven by a deep passion for their profession and human interactions. All possess high qualifications and are committed to improving the well-being of your employees.

Optimization of User Experience

Our commitment to excellence is manifested through continuous improvement of our services. We evaluate the satisfaction of your employees, collect their feedback, and remain available by email or phone to meet their needs.

Private Coaching for Personalized Support

In addition to our collective activities, we offer sessions of private coaching within your company. These individual sessions provide personalized guidance to optimize the well-being of your employees.

A Wide Variety of Activities to Meet All Expectations

Our offering includes a diverse range of over 40 activities, constantly updated in line with current trends. These disciplines revolve around four major categories:


Promote peace of mind and relaxation with activities like yoga for flexibility, Pilates for body strengthening, stretching for flexibility, meditation for mental serenity, or tai chi for inner harmony.

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Stimulate endurance and vitality with options such as cardio for optimal cardiovascular health, muscle strengthening for increased strength and resistance, HIIT for intense calorie-burning sessions, or Zumba for a fun aerobic dance experience.

Our activities


Encourage creativity and team cohesion through dances such as exciting salsa, rhythmic kuduro, or bachata. Let your employees express their joy through dynamic movements.

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Martial arts

Make room for discipline and confidence with martial arts activities, including Thai boxing for resistance, self-defense for personal safety, or taekwondo for the development of the mind and body.

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The Testimonials of Collaborators: A Source of Satisfaction

See directly the voices of your employees delighted by our collective courses.

I was able to step out of my comfort zone thanks to these courses. It boosted my confidence, and I feel more integrated into the team.”

Laura, administrative assistant

These activities are a breath of fresh air in my code routine. It brings us closer, and we share nice moments outside of work

Alexandre, software developer

These courses helped me manage work stress. Plus, we have fun together, which improved the atmosphere in the office.

Sophie, project manager

I feel much more energized after each session. And I’ve gotten closer to some colleagues with whom I hadn’t interacted much before.

Thomas, logistics engineer

We remain determined to provide your team with an exceptional experience, centered on well-being and fulfillment. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every part of our services.

Discover how we can transform your company’s dynamics by creating a healthy and stimulating professional environment by contacting us.

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