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In a professional world where employee health is crucial for productivity and cohesion, initiatives promoting a balanced lifestyle are gaining momentum.

As experts in organizing sports and well-being activities in the workplace, we create an environment that enhances mental and physical health.

Here’s how we structure our organization in six steps for the success of your projects:

Step 1 – Understanding your unique needs

Before organizing sports or well-being activities, understanding your needs is essential. Whether it’s about facilities, sports preferences, or accessibility, every detail matters. Our experts will guide you toward a personalized solution, leaving nothing to chance.

Step 2 – Active employee participation

The voice of your employees is invaluable. Through an audit, your activities will reflect their interests and needs. Their commitment is crucial for the success of your project.

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Step 3 – Analysis and innovative proposals

Our team analyzes survey responses and makes relevant proposals to boost enthusiasm and engagement.

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step 4 – promotion and communication

With a dedicated web platform containing key information about organized activities and communication materials, our promotion strategy attracts the attention and interest of your employees.

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step 5 – memorable launch

The much-anticipated moment arrives: the launch of your sports activities. Our goal is an exceptional experience, motivating and inspiring your team.

Step 6 – Concrete Success Measurement

Our commitment persists after the launch. Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports track your progress, measuring the success of the courses and tangible benefits for your collaborators. These data, collected by us, also allow us to adapt the offer over time.

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custom solutions for your sports and well-being projects

Every organization is unique, which is why we offer a comprehensive range of personalized services to meet your needs and help you achieve your goals.

audit and analysis: create a winning strategy

The key to any successful project lies in a deep understanding of needs and expectations. That’s why we start by creating a customized audit for your company.

This in-depth analysis allows us to identify key elements that will foster the adherence and engagement of your employees. By understanding your specificities, we can develop a tailored strategy that will lead you to success.

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financing tailored to your goals

The success of a program often depends on its financial viability. We offer tailored financing for activities, taking into account your budget and values.

Whether you want your company to fully finance the activities or prefer a hybrid system, we adapt our solutions to your needs. Manage subscriptions easily while maintaining total control over your expenses.

communication and promotion: make your initiatives shine

To ensure optimal communication and engage your employees, we offer a range of customized digital media, such as impactful posters, engaging newsletters, and informative TV screens.

A dedicated web platform

We set up a dedicated online platform exclusively for your company. This page displays the schedule of activities, facilitates payments and course reservations, or allows the conduct of surveys to gather feedback from your employees.

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replacement management for seamless continuity

Maintaining the regularity of activities is essential to ensure the sustained engagement of your employees. That’s why we take care of the complete management of coachs.

Whether for occasional or permanent replacements or even integrating your contributors into our teams, we ensure that quality is always present.

KPI reports: a clear view of success

Our commitment to transparency means you are always informed. We regularly provide detailed reports on ongoing activities, the actions we have taken, and the evolution of the offer, if necessary.

These KPIs offer you a clear view of the success of your initiatives, allowing you to make informed decisions.

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passionate and competent coaches

Our professional team of over 80 experts is driven by a deep passion for their work and human interactions. All possess high qualifications and are committed to improving the well-being of your employees.

optimizing the user experience

Our commitment to excellence is evident through continuous improvement of our services.
We evaluate the satisfaction of your employees, collect their feedback, and remain available by email or phone to meet their needs.

private coaching for personalized support

In addition to our collective activities, we offer private coaching sessions within your company. These individual sessions provide personalized support to optimize the well-being of your employees.

variety of activities for all expectations

With a choice of more than 40 disciplines, our sports, wellness, and leisure activities are available throughout Switzerland (Zurich, Basel, Geneva, Bern…).

Whether you want to encourage collaboration, strengthen teamwork, or simply offer your employees a well-deserved break, our diverse selection of activities will meet your needs.


From soothing yoga to clarifying meditation, nourish balance and serenity. Pilates, stretching, and tai chi complement this offering.

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From dynamic cardio workouts to muscle strengthening sessions, energize your team. Explore HIIT and Zumba for an entertaining touch.

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La danse

Salsa for communication, kuduro for letting loose, bachata for emotional connection.

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LES arts martiaux

Muay Thai, self-defense, and taekwondo strengthen discipline and confidence.

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When you choose Sports Corporate to organize well-being activities in the workplace, you opt for a proven approach that places the health and satisfaction of your employees at the heart of our approach.

Transform your workplace into a space conducive to well-being and performance, with tailored courses and dedicated experts at your service.

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