Liability waivers for group activities

Sports Corporate disclaim all liability arising out of participation of group activities.

Memberships :

  1. I understand this membership must be used only within the subscribed period and cannot be postponed to another period. Any unused classes will be forfeited.
  2. I understand this membership is named per person and the membership is valid for that named individual only
  3. In case of subscription to a pack of 10 classes, I understand this membership is not refundable except for this two reasons :
    1. A subscription can be refunded in the case of termination, on a pro-rata basis for the classes used, subject to providing proof of termination. The price used for the calculation is based the single class price.
    2. A subscription can be refunded on a pro-rata basis in the case of a medical leave preventing the continuation of the current activity, for the duration of the stoppage, and subject to providing the medical leave. The price used for the calculation is based the single class price.

Safety :

  1. I understand that the use of group activities entails risks of injury
  2. I understand that I should only participate in group activities if my physical health permits, as determined by me whether with or without consultation with medical professionals
  3. I understand that there is a risk of loss, destruction, or theft of my personal property when participating at group activities
  4. I understand that my participation in group activities is at my sole discretion and that I am fully responsible.

On behalf of myself, all my heirs, personal representatives, and next of kin, I waive all claims against and agree to hold harmless Sports Corporate for any injuries, including death, or loss of property, in the use of fitness or participation in group activities.

I have read the foregoing waiver and release of liability and voluntarily executed this document will full knowledge of its content.