Do you want to create your own fitness center or are you facing challenges in managing your fitness facility?

Our tailored approach covers all aspects of management, from memberships to coaches and equipment maintenance.

Transform your workplace into an oasis of vitality and motivation with our unparalleled support.

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    Customization of the Solution

    We understand that every company has unique fitness needs. That’s why we offer you a tailor-made solution that encompasses all aspects of management, from subscriptions to equipment maintenance.

    With our personalized approach, you can transform your workplace into a true haven of well-being and motivation for your employees.

    Partner of NGOs and Multinationals in Switzerland

    Our successful experiences with NGOs and multinationals in Switzerland attest to our ability to meet the varied requirements of different professional environments.

    We work with renowned companies to create fitness spaces that promote health, team cohesion, and productivity. Our in-depth knowledge of the Swiss market allows us to adapt to the specific needs of your company and provide proven solutions.

    SportS Equipment Management

    Provide your employees with access to high-quality sports equipment for effective and varied workouts. We can provide cutting-edge equipment, regularly maintained to ensure safety and performance.

    If you already own equipment, our team can maintain it to extend its lifespan and preserve its functionality.

    Subscription Management

    Offer your employees flexible subscriptions that fit your company’s budget. Our subscription management system allows for the creation of tailor-made offers, ranging from daily passes to annual packages.

    We track memberships in real-time and efficiently manage renewals. Additionally, you’ll benefit from usage reports that allow you to assess the popularity of different plans and adjust your offerings accordingly.

    Coach Management

    Our highly qualified coaches play a central role in your employees’ fitness experience. They are there to inspire, motivate, and guide each individual on their fitness journey.

    With our coach management platform, we ensure optimal coordination of their schedules and specific skills. Regular monitoring of their performance ensures the quality of our service, contributing to subscriber satisfaction and retention.

    Organization of Group Classes

    We develop a group class program adapted to the specific needs of your company. From morning yoga sessions for a gentle start to cardio sessions to unwind after an intense workday, our range of diverse classes will satisfy all tastes and levels.

    Effective Communication

    Effective communication is essential for the success of any corporate fitness program. We ensure to keep your employees informed about upcoming activities and schedules through internal communications such as posters, newsletters, and emails. This approach ensures increased participation and ongoing involvement.

    Special Events and Engagement

    To maintain engagement and enthusiasm, we regularly organize special events (similar to team buildings) such as nutrition workshops, internal sports competitions, and themed days.

    These events strengthen teamwork, create networking opportunities, and add a playful dimension to your employees’ fitness experience.



    Entrusting the management of your corporate fitness to our experienced team means offering your employees much more than just a fitness space.

    With our comprehensive and personalized approach, you will transform your company into a place where health, motivation, and productivity flourish. Our successful experience with NGOs and multinationals in Switzerland is a testament to our ability to achieve this transformation effectively and sustainably.

    Contact us via this form or by phone for a quicker response: 0041 76 245 00 87