Team building

Be creative and offer your employees a moment out of the beaten track.

Team building reinforces solidarity, team spirit and adherence to company values.
Thanks to our wide range of activities, you will attract the greatest number of employees and allow everyone to participate in the life of the company.

We propose different themes and once your expectations are determined, we will tailor-made the perfect event for your teams (not exhaustive theme, we have imagination to spare).

Sports & wellness activities

Activities involving the physical abilities, coordination and motor skills of your employees.

Escape game / Lazer tag

Indoors or outdoors, our animators will offer you original challenges requiring real team cohesion.

Dance initiation

With or without experience, our instructors will make you appreciate in a playful and sporty way the pleasure of dance.

Outdoor trips

Activities allowing a discovery of the most beautiful places, with certified professionals (orienteering course, trip on the lake, paragliding, hiking…)

Creative workshop

Teamwork involving artistic talent, communication and creativity.

Cooking workshop

Follow the advice of our chefs and share a delicious moment.

Games rental

Create a friendly athmosphere for your employees with our table football, pinball machine, pool table…

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Our activities



Yoga, pilates, meditation...



Body sculpt, urban training...



Salsa, bachata, kuduro...


Martial arts

Taekwendo, muay Thaï, krav maga...


Team building

Escape room, sports sessions...


Private coaching

Wellness, fitness, dances...