Wellness week

Strike a proper work-life balance with some easy tools

We are all trying to have a proper work-life balance, juggling between careers, family, friends and hobbies. But how do you find this balance between 9AM and 5PM?

This week’s focus will be onthe well-being at work, between moments of relaxation and learning some great tools to better manage your daily life.
You will change your routine with simple actions and install a healthy and energizing dynamic throughout your week.


Wishing to offer you tailor-made solutions, all subjects can be adapted to better suit your needs, and more are available.

First example of a week organisation

Monday : Conference
Tuesday : Wellness workshop
Wednesday : Half day or day of massages
Thursday : Laughter yoga or Do In (self massages)
Friday : Food workshop

Second example of a week organisation :

Monday : Half day or day of massages
Tuesday : Conference and wellness workshop
Wednesday : Workplace ergonomics day
Thursday : Sophrology or yoga
Friday : Food workshop

Wellness classes

Sophrology, do-in (self massage), yoga, laughter yoga, body art, Tai Chi, qi Gong, stretching…

Half day or full day of massage

-Amma therapy massage
– Relaxing massage
– Foot massage
– Circulatory massage

Workplace ergonomics and posture

One to one brief, test and introduction form
Performance optimisation and achor
NLP and posture workshop
Masterclass and debrief


– The power of body over state of mind .
– Transform stress into energy 
– Coaching attitude : Improve your communication and management with an appropriate attitude
– Positive psychology in the workplace : What benefits you could get ?

Wellness workshops

– The power of body over state of mind
– Transform stress into energy
– Coaching attitude
– Positive attitude in the workplace

Food workshops

Follow our chef’s instructions and prepare for yourself 6 recipies of energy balls and ernegy bar, and a lovely detox beverage.

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Yoga, pilates, meditation...

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Cardio, Strength training, HIIT...

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Salsa, bachata, kuduro...

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Taekwondo, Muay Thaï, krav maga...

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